Creo Pro 2.0.1

Creo Pro 2.0.1

Creo Pro Mac Torrent Download

Creo Pro Mac Torrent Download“Creo Pro Mac Torrent” is a development tool for mobile applications that aims to bring design and coding related tasks under the same roof. The utility enables you to create and customise the app’s layout while also providing support for object-based programming. The new version is fast and most efficient. You can download Creo Pro from Official Store. If you don’t want to purchase the program, then you can enjoy a trial on their website. You can use Creo Pro Full Version from the given download link below. In case you can’t pay money for this tool, and you want to use the full version of this app.

Features Include:

  • Creo Animation: Creo introduces a new way to create animations with an intuitive timeline interface providing real-time feedback.
  • Code: In Creo, everything is an object. That means that every object can respond to events and perform specific actions written in the Gravity programming language.
  • Database: Creo supports connections to relational databases such as SQLite, MySQL, cubeSQL, and PostgreSQL and provides specific tools to create and test queries easily.
  • DataSet: Thanks to its underlying technology, Creo can show dynamic data from a variety of sources directly while designing your app, without the need of running it.
  • Drag & Drop: With Creo, you can build complex navigation hierarchies or elaborated windows using a very intuitive drag & drop interface.
  • Preview: You can preview your apps in real time using the free CreoPlayer iOS application available for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Sensors: Creo gives you access to the underlying hardware sensors with a very intuitive event-based interface.
  • App Builder: You can compile your project directly within Creo once you are ready to test your application on a real device.
  • Code Export: Drag and drop components in Creo, press Export, and you’ll have a fully working Xcode project. That would be unbelievable if it weren’t true.
  • Flex Layout: Build flexible layouts on any platform with a highly optimised layout engine designed with speed, and ease of use in mind.
  • Native UI: Thanks to the powerful Creo underlying technology everything you see on your screen is not emulated in any way, but it’s real iOS code running on your Mac.
  • Camera: Explore advanced Camera settings or automatically capture barcodes with a very simple and intuitive inspector.

What’s New?

Version 2.0.1

  • Exposed dismissMode property to ScrollView
  • Added support for iPad Pro 11″
  • Added a way to change text colour for DatePicker and PickerView
  • Updated AFNetworking to the latest version 3
  • Improved registration process
  • Improved memory usage and checker
  • Fixed an issue with app builder process
  • Several internal fixes and improvements


Creo Pro Mac Torrent

Technical Details & System Requirements:

  icon-file-text File Name Creo Pro
  icon-save Disk Space 45.87 MB
  icon-tags Category Graphics and Design
  icon-certificate License Pre-K’ed (TNT)
  icon-cogs Developer Bohemian Coding
  icon-apple Operating System Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
  icon-laptop Processor Intel, 64bit
  icon-key Password MacBitTorrent.CoM
  icon-link Official Site Link

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Creo Pro 2.0.1

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