Final Cut Pro X – 10.4.5

Final Cut Pro X – 10.4.5

Final Cut Pro for Mac

Final Cut Pro for Mac“Final Cut Pro Mac Torrent” is a Video editing tool with the high performance which developer Apple Inc. , and the price of the applications is just $299.99. Redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with a powerful media organization and incredible performance to let you create at the speed of thought. You can download Final Cut Pro from Official Store. If you don’t want to purchase the program, then you can enjoy a trial from their website. You can use Final Cut Pro Full Version from the given download link below. In case you can’t pay money for this tool, and you want to use the full version of this app.

Features Include:

  • Revolutionary Video Editing
  • Powerful Media Organization
  • Incredible Performance
  • Compelling, Customizable Effects
  • Integrated Audio Editing
  • Intuitive Color Grading
  • One-Step, Optimized Output
  • Editing virtual reality 360 °
  • Advanced color gradation
  • High dynamic range

What’s New?


  • Extensions workflow
    • Extends the capabilities of Final Cut Pro with third – party extensions that open directly into the interface of the app.
    • Drag clips from the window of extensions, the browser and the timeline.
    • Connect to third party accounts to access projects, download multimedia files and purchase content.
    • Deep integration allows extensions control playback on the timeline, navigation markers clips, etc.
    • extensions include workflow collaboration tools ( repertoire of multimedia files (Shutterstock) and asset management (CatDV).

    Batch sharing
    • Export and transcodes multiple clips in the browser (with or without camera LUT) to process quickly footage and other previews.
    • Select and exports various projects.
    • Combine batch sharing packages to encode multiple files in various formats in one step.
    • Oversees the export progress in the task window in the background.

    Video noise reduction
    • Apply effect noise reduction to reduce high – quality grain and video noise.
    • Use easy to quickly adjust the appearance and amount of noise reduction controls.
    • Easily change the processing order by dragging the effect of reducing the inspector video.
    • The display shows the effect of noise reduction paused and dragging off for optimum results.
    • Apply video reduction of 360 ° to video clips of 360 ° while maintaining a perfect union.

    Timecode window
    • Displays the time code project and the source in one or more floating windows timecode.
    • Resize the window timecode and drag whatever you want to a second window.
    • Displays the names of the clips and functions.
    • The color code window timecode corresponds with the colors of the functions of the timeline.

    Viewer Comparison
    • Open the viewer compared to other frames taken as a reference and ensure that the gradation of color is consistent throughout the project.
    • Quickly select the previous or next clip in the timeline and keyframe.
    • Save any image in the browser frame for later viewing in the viewer comparison.

    Tiny planet
    • Select the assignment option “tiny planet” by adding 360 video in a project than 360 ° to create an interesting spherical power .
    • Use the roll and pitch parameters to wrap the effect of tiny planet in an infinite cylinder
    • Adjust the offset parameter to move the subject horizontally through the tiny planet.
    • Encourages view to moving from a close – up view a satellite above recording.
    • Deforms titles and 360 ° generators applying the allocation option “tiny planet”.

    Other developments
    • View, edit and presents captioned with SRT format, which is used in a variety of websites such as Facebook.
    • Embeds optional subtitles in the video to make sure they always appear to play.
    • When you drag the timeline to select a main argument, you can now select individual clips or entire subplot.
    • instantly converts a picture or video in an illustration of comics with Comic filter and then changes its appearance with simple controls for adjusting ink the edges, filling and softness.


  • Improves performance when generating waveforms for clips with no audio channels
  • Improves stability when sending a project to Compressor using the keyboard shortcut Shift-Command-E
  • Improves stability when pasting Arabic or Hebrew text into a title
  • Improves stability when switching tabs in the Timeline Index


Technical Details & System Requirements:

  icon-file-text File Name Final Cut Pro For Mac
  icon-save Disk Space 2.8 GB
  icon-tags Category Video
  icon-certificate License Pre-K’ed (TNT)
  icon-cogs Developer Apple Inc.
  icon-apple Operating System OS X 10.13.2 or later
  icon-laptop Processor Intel, 64bit
  icon-key Password MacBitTorrent.CoM
  icon-link Official Site Link

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Final Cut Pro X – 10.4.5

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